Who We Are

The Meadows Day Centre is a local charity working in the community to support older people, their families and carers. We want everyone to be able to love later life.

Our Mission and Values

We believe that ageing is a normal part of life and that later life should be fulfilling, enjoyable and productive. We enable older people by providing services and grants, researching their needs and opinions, influencing government and media and through other innovative and dynamic projects.

Every day we provide vital services, information and support to thousands of older people of all backgrounds. The Meadows also work with many older people from disadvantaged or marginalised groups such as those living in rural areas or black and minority ethnic elders.

How we are funded

We rely on your support to keep serving the community. We are supported by donations from the public, income from our charity shops and some charitable grants. We don't currently have an online donation facility, if you would like to make a donation please send us a message from the contact page.